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Hash in VietNam

Next Saigon Hash Run 1347 Binh Duong, 22nd May 2016

Broken Seal is warming up and keeping his troops in combat shape to be ready for his great grand Finale, his Farewell run this summer, with yet another run in the Binh Duong area.
For the run this coming Sunday, he will use a tested area, where we have n't been in quite a while. Get ready for a great run and walk, including a beer stop. With the weather forecast showing lower temperatures, now everyone can hash.
ATTENTION: This Sunday, the bus will not come to its usual spot, but will leave at 14h15 (2.15 pm) from Nguyen Huu Canh Street, about 100 m from the traffic lights on the intersection with Ton Duc Thang, Le Thanh Ton and Ng Huu Canh (see map). Go directly to Ng Huu Canh. 
This week NO pickup in District 2.

You are very WELCOME to join us on the Saigon Hash, this Sunday....................... Chào mừng bạn đến với Saigon Hash, vào chủ nhật này….

 or  send an email to:  saigonmmc@gmail.com

You should note that the second time you come to the Hash, it is free and you don't need to pay.
 Disclaimer: scroll down on this home page!

Saigon Hash cleans up (parts of) Saigon

A group of early bird Saigon hashers cleaned up a streets and parks in Districts 1 and 4, in cooperation with "Clean Up Vietnam.

Weekly News Letter

The Saigon Hash sends out a weekly News Letter with the latest available information. 
If you want to subscribe, please send an email to saigonmmc@gmail.com

Emergency phone numbers

For on the Hash, if you ever get lost:

If, despite the best efforts of the hares, you lost the way and can no longer find any paper, call one of the following numbers:

0913 435 134 (F#*kcoffee)
0903 351 462 (Paddy Fag)
0938 966 396 (Sh. House)
0126 786 2068 (Stevie Blunder)

0902 917 227 (Ms. Nghia - bus crew)

Ask to use the phone of a villager if you did not bring your own.
We will try to find you and take you back to the bus. 

(Copy these numbers into your phone and/or write them down).

Are you a Movie Star?


Don't forget to bring some extra Dong with you on the hash bus to buy some goodies from our hash store.
We have an extensive collection of high quality running shorts, singlets, shirts, moneybelts stubby coolers, caps, sarongs and other sensational Hash memorabilia all meticulously designed to suit the Vietnam tropical climate.

Saigon Harriettes' Runs

The Saigon Harriettes usually run on the First F#$@%ng Friday of each month. 
Next run will be on ????.
     Details on their runs can be found under Hash Events,
     click on Harriettes' runs on Fridays.


The MMC for 2016

Saigon Hash Awards 2015

The three most coveted Hash awards of 2015:

 Hasher of the Year 2015:                     Tinky Winky
 VN Hasher of the year:   Mini Crumpet
  Hareset of the year:       Paddy Fag


By participating in any activity organized by the Saigon Hash House Harriers (SH3), and realizing that Hash running may be hazardous to yourself, to small children, family pets, marriages, buildings, parked as well as some moving vehicles, trees, plants, and vegetables, you shall not hold the SH3, nor its mismanagement committee, nor any organizer of a Hash event, responsible for injuries incurred before, during or after the Hash (in other words NEVER) due to your ability, or lack thereof, illness, dehydration, lack of sleep, sickness related to overconsumption of amber fluid, injury or death.
Furthermore, and this applies especially to some Danish Hashers, you will not hold SH3 responsible for being lost on a trail, even if the trail is so horribly laid that a bloodhound chasing could n’t find the true trail to save its own life, and even though the trail is so long that a marathon runner winces when thinking about running such distances, and even though there is so much shiggy on the trail that an alligator would feel at home, and even though conditions are so wet that a fish would drown, and even though the whole course could have been short-cut by walking 100 yards across the park, you shall not bicker, complain or whine incessantly, otherwise you can expect to be seated on ice and to be named or renamed in a most heinous way as to cause ridicule upon yourself at the mere whisper of the name.

For Hares

Difficulties finding a good runsite? Check out the SaigonHashMap.

Once you found a good location and know the starting point, inform the bus crew at least a week in advance. Best is to send a description and the coordinates of the starting point to the email of Ms. Nghia at nhatngandt@gmail.com. You can also call Ms. Nghia, or text her, on 0902 917 227.
For more info on how to prepare as a Hare, click on Hare instructions.

Run statistics

The Saigon Hash religeously records all your runs and haresets. Details can be found by clicking on the little foot marked Hash Stats, at the top of the home page.
In the search box, just type the first few letters of your Hash name, then click "Search" and your data will come up.

Run 1346 The Run of Fame

Date: 15/05/2016 Location: Dong Nai

Running Hares: Maetsickle and Sore Arse.
Walking Hare: Ball Cock and In Flight Service.

Today lots of HASHERS filed the bus, in fact we needed to get the stools out to be able the seat the overflow of passengers.  And why not?  WE were taken to our favourite spot, Dong Nai, to a location not far from where Free Licks had his first LIVE hareset a few weeks back with Stevie Blunder.  There was plenty of scenery, from the beaches of fish farms and pools, to forest, tapioca, shade and plantations, including a beer check, treating everyone to a cold beer under the gazebo with a warm welcome from the locals and with a beautiful view over a pond.  Oh and not to forget, an old bed for lovers on the trail.  To round off today’s HASH, we were all treated to a moment of FAME, with the camera Crew from the “WORD” Magazine, wanting to write an article about us HASHERS.  Well we must be doing something right for the media to want to come and take out pictures and write about us.  We actually do welcome more citizens to join the fun.

Run and Walk reports:
Our Yorkshire visitor Candy Floss gave the run report and said that it was short of shredded paper, but excellently laid.  He read about it in the HCM Times and came along to enjoy the fun  with a score of 7      
Vy said the walk was beautiful with one hare leading 4 people with a score of 5
Overall Score = 6.  

Stop Press.
EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!  Don’t forget to get your copy of June’s issue of “WORD”!  There will be something about Hasing in Vietnam, including pics of today’s trail and we’ll hopefully welcome more HASHERS to our kennel (a second bus is on order).

Sore Arse was awarded a T-shirt for having completed 10 haresets.

Virgins, visitors and returnees.
Jack Off welcomed the virgins: Sarah, Tuyen, Thi and Binh from Vietnam; Kat from Germany, Graham from Australia and Jan from France and gave them a lesson on the rituals of the HASH.  Also our Camera People, Rodney and Sian had their introduction to the HASH.

Phuoc My 2 went on to welcome back the visitors and returnees: Candy Floss, Smuttars, Willie Want It In The Chocolate Factory, Robert and Keg On Legs.

Stevie Blunder and Hot Pickle were congratulated, Stevie for setting up the new Newseltter format and Hot Pickle for actually opening her Newsletter 14 times.

Rodney the camera man was iced for having a private conversation along with Phuoc My 2 for hiding in the bus when called to carry out her duties as the Religious Advisor.

Jack Off charged the Australians for sending an Asian to sing in the Eurovision song contest.  Australia and Asia are NOT part of Europe!

White Boy Sotong charged the Taiwanese, because a Taiwanese factory had produce a chemical, which leaked into the Sea in Central Vietnam, killing all the fish and having then washed up ashore leaving them too poisonous for consumption.

Sore Arse charged the Vietnamese and Americans.  Why?  She found some fake dollar notes on the road on her way to the hash, so she picked them up and accused the Vietnamese for making fake dollar notes to get rich and the Americans for being too blind to notice.  This was then deemed a false charge so Sore Arse was finally put back in her place – The ICE!

White Boy Sotong charged the British women and the Vietnamese men, because one British woman picked a 46 year old Vietnamese man to have a SELFIE taken and couldn’t tell the difference between a boy and a man.

Meatsickle charged In Flight Service for taking a selfie whilst squatting to pee, when setting the HASH trail.

Phuc My 2 charged Stevie Blunder for looking at girls’ legs whilst searching for shreddie and calling when paper was found.

HASH DOBBER of the Week Turn Off said this was a well behaved HASH – Really?  What’s going on here?  But still managed to dob Sexy Eyes and I Choked Linda Lovelace for “doing it once again” on the trail – Yes, You got it SEX on the HASH!  Well there was a bed for lovers so …..?

Turn Off dobbed Jackoff for “assisting” a pretty woman on the trail – She confirmed that she did not need assistance.

Inspect’ Er Chim was iced for talking in the circle – As Hash Whip, is n’t he supposed to be preventing private conversations?

We had a naming for 3 HASHERS: Georgie, a tropical Medicine Student will now be known as Pox Doctor, Kieu will be known as Unzip Me Quick and Shin, the Japanese Company manager will be known as Sake Sucker.

On On was held at the Vietnamese restaurant, 5KU in District 1

Next Week’s run will be hosted by Broken Seal, Koffee Moffee and the rest of the Binh Duong Crew and in Binh Duong.  Yeah!  New location!

On On

Sore Arse