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Run 1345 Stevie Blunder's second LIVE hareset
Hares: Stevie Blunder. Ms Bean
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Hares: Sore Arse & still looking for experience
Run 1347 Binh Duong
Hares: Broken Seal & Binh Duong crew
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Hash in VietNam

Next Saigon Hash Run 1345 Nui Dinh, 8th May 2016

We all loved the recovery run at Nui Dinh so much, that next week's Hare, Stevie Blunder, has decided to return to Nui Dinh for anothe LIVE Hareset. We will go to another location of the mountain, equally beautiful, but closer to Saigon. Walkers will be ably guided around the trail by Ms. Bean.
Being a bit short on circles over the past weekend, we will take some time to report not only on this Live run, but also on the runs we had over the past weekend.
That means that everyone taking part in the Hashaway, will have to attend this weeks' run, as well.

As we expect a large turnout, make sure you are at the
 Caravelle hotel (D1) on time , to claim your seat on the bus. The bus will depart, as usual, at 14h00 (2 pm) sharp. There will be a pickup in District 2 at the usual places.

You are very WELCOME to join us on the Saigon Hash, this Sunday....................... Chào mừng bạn đến với Saigon Hash, vào chủ nhật này….

 or  send an email to:  saigonmmc@gmail.com

 You should note that the second time you come to the Hash, it is free and you don't need to pay.
 Disclaimer: scroll down on this home page!

Hasaway weekend with Hanoi Hash House Harriers, Dong Hoi, 7-8 May

7-8 May Hanoi Hash is organising an away weekend in Dong Hoi.
See: http://hanoih3.com/?page=00_00 for the programme.
It's still possible to register online.
On on,
GM  Hanoi Hash House Harriers.

(Hanoi) Phone: +84 169 7625920

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Emergency phone numbers

For on the Hash, if you ever get lost:

If, despite the best efforts of the hares, you lost the way and can no longer find any paper, call one of the following numbers:

0913 435 134 (F#*kcoffee)
0903 351 462 (Paddy Fag)
0938 966 396 (Sh. House)
0126 786 2068 (Stevie Blunder)

0902 917 227 (Ms. Nghia - bus crew)

Ask to use the phone of a villager if you did not bring your own.
We will try to find you and take you back to the bus. 

(Copy these numbers into your phone and/or write them down).


Don't forget to bring some extra Dong with you on the hash bus to buy some goodies from our hash store.
We have an extensive collection of high quality running shorts, singlets, shirts, moneybelts stubby coolers, caps, sarongs and other sensational Hash memorabilia all meticulously designed to suit the Vietnam tropical climate.

The MMC for 2016

Saigon Hash Awards 2015

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 Hasher of the Year 2015:                     Tinky Winky
 VN Hasher of the year:   Mini Crumpet
  Hareset of the year:       Paddy Fag


By participating in any activity organized by the Saigon Hash House Harriers (SH3), and realizing that Hash running may be hazardous to yourself, to small children, family pets, marriages, buildings, parked as well as some moving vehicles, trees, plants, and vegetables, you shall not hold the SH3, nor its mismanagement committee, nor any organizer of a Hash event, responsible for injuries incurred before, during or after the Hash (in other words NEVER) due to your ability, or lack thereof, illness, dehydration, lack of sleep, sickness related to overconsumption of amber fluid, injury or death.
Furthermore, and this applies especially to some Danish Hashers, you will not hold SH3 responsible for being lost on a trail, even if the trail is so horribly laid that a bloodhound chasing could n’t find the true trail to save its own life, and even though the trail is so long that a marathon runner winces when thinking about running such distances, and even though there is so much shiggy on the trail that an alligator would feel at home, and even though conditions are so wet that a fish would drown, and even though the whole course could have been short-cut by walking 100 yards across the park, you shall not bicker, complain or whine incessantly, otherwise you can expect to be seated on ice and to be named or renamed in a most heinous way as to cause ridicule upon yourself at the mere whisper of the name.

For Hares

Difficulties finding a good runsite? Check out the SaigonHashMap.

Once you found a good location and know the starting point, inform the bus crew at least a week in advance. Best is to send a description and the coordinates of the starting point to the email of Ms. Nghia at nhatngandt@gmail.com. You can also call Ms. Nghia, or text her, on 0902 917 227.
For more info on how to prepare as a Hare, click on Hare instructions.

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Run 1342 Dutch King's Birthday Run

Date: 24/04/2016 Location: Dong Nai

Runnig Hares: Turnoff and Shithouse
Walking Hares: Runny Yolk and Dick Lace

This week’s circle started as many others do, with all the Dutch being called into the middle. This time, it was to celebrate being, a concept most hashers didn’t understand. Along with all natural-born Dutch, the Dutch in circle called in anyone who’s been in a Dutch person. Unsurprisingly, no one admitted it out of shame and the Dutch were left to drink by themselves.
Two Dicks, recently back from getting an o-zone tan in Australia, gave the run report. Giving the run a score of 10 to start, it only went down from there. Citing only two checks on the run, he accused the hares of laying a sprint, a pretty difficult task in the “700 degrees”. Five points were taken off for the sprinting, two for the dust, seven for setting paper after turnoff, and then two for the heat. Two Dicks then put out his chest and showed everyone how good he was at math, adding up the scores to a -10. (He missed a few numbers, and inches count when dealing with small numbers.)
Shaker gave the walk report after 12 years. After running 10 meters with runners, his pants were coming down and he decided to save this until later so he switched to the walk. Despite a police station, a masculine bull, and getting lost a few times, he gave the walk a score of 6. Together, the trail was rated a -1.5, a number which seemed more evident of Holland’s declining birth rate.
Shithouse recognized a few hashers for their contributions, notably: Jackoff, for laying his 40th hareset; Paddy Fag, for his 115th hareset; F#*kcoffee, for his 66th hareset; and Two Dicks, for his 60th hareset (though only having been on 128 runs total).
Shithouse then recognized hashers who got something for their efforts, namely Dick Lace for his first hareset and Turnoff for his 10th hareset.
Fine Arse gave an announcement for the Ho Tram Away Hash, even mentioning there would be a tent for 32 people. (Or was it 32 in a two-person tent?) Two Dicks was personally invited by Fine Arse and she even gave the big clue for anyone wanting the coveted spot in her tent – “Show me your alcohol if you want to join my tent.”
RA’s Paddy Fag and Jackoff were called into the circle, though with all the Jackoff look-alikes from the nearby monastery, finding the real Jackoff was like picking an Oompa-Loompa from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
The virgins were introduced, as Tony and Susan from London, both who came because of Susan’s sister, Cunning Lingus. Inbound was said to have a hand (or more) in their coming. Tha from the Mekong came, claiming she was a virgin though later claiming she had been in 2010. Two Dicks’ son Gwen and brother-in-law Don showed up as did Doris, from Taiwan, another one of Nut Surfer’s harem.
Visitors and returnees were brought in, with Shaker admitting he faked the numbers (like the recent Kingfisher boss scandal) and had actually spent 12 years (rather than 10) from the hash off playing badminton. He obviously forgot there was plenty of small, wispy ball play on the hash. Tha hadn’t been since 2010 due to an Aussie friend leaving, Big Tool just failed in planning, and Two Dicks spent 18 months wanking in Australia though he never came.
A barrage of charges were brought, first for the Dutch, British, and Americans. A historic week for royalty as it’s the Dutch’s King’s Day, the British Queen also celebrated her 90th birthday, but the royalty who made all the news was the American Prince who died.
The Brits and Americans were demanded to stay in circle by Paddy Fag who quoted Shakespeare: “To Brexit, or not to Brexit, that is the question.” U.S. President Obama visited the U.K., encouraging it to stay in the EU. He hoped after the Americans saved the country from speaking German and Russian to turned it to speaking Pakistani and West Indian they would heed his warning.
The Brits stayed in, and the Aussies, Indians, and Greeks were added. Queen Elizabeth II was accused of being the Knacker Queen (a title any Irish woman from Cavan would be proud of) for stealing the jewels and treasures of the other countries and then wearing them.
The Brits were again called to stay in, along with the Aussies who celebrate Anzac Day: the day when the Turks demolished them on the battlefield.
Jackoff charged F#*kcoffee with littering for leaving both his shoe bottoms, only 100m meters apart, before dumping his shoes in the bin at circle. F#*kcoffee ended up drinking his beer from his old shoes. 
Jackoff and Twin Knockers were commended by Paddy Fag for their outstanding driving ability in Saigon which had only caused a few major crashes. Meatsickle was charged by F#*kcoffee for tearing town trees and causing the deforestation of South Vietnam. And Inspector Chym charged all the Taiwanese for polluting the waters in central Vietnam with industrial waste, causing the death of thousands of fish. The behaviours of the Taiwanese towards Vietnamese territorial waters really do show that Taiwan is a part of China.
Stevie Blunder kept Nut Surfer in the circle for her lack of interest in a local cockfight on trail. While passing, she said “I’ve seen much better cockfights in my life,” something SB’s ears perked up to here. SB also called in Slow Gin, accusing her of being a Front Running Bastard and going down for a pee in the forest, only to discover other hashers were only meters behind her.
Hash Dobber Inbound called in half the hash and made them sit directly on the ice, a skill he picked up from his boyhood days sheep-herding in Ireland. He also charged Fine Arse for going on the walk rather than the run since all the runners were supposed to keep motivated by seeing her Fine Arse.
Paddy Fag charged Two Dicks and his son since his son had come all the way from Australia because he was feeling the hots for Two Dicks’s aunt-in-law. TD thankfully clarified it wasn’t the aunt, but his stepmom’s sister, and that made everything better.
PF then gave the Cute Hoors of the Week Award to Cunning Lingus and her virgin sister, both of whom were much too happy to receive it. F#*kcoffe charged all the RA’s & GM’s, current and former, of the Saigon Hash, for being way overquota. Runny Yolk and Shithouse sang a kiddie song about the Dutch King, who unsurprisingly crashed his car into a canal, dyke, and other typical Dutch symbols while following his Tom Tom GPS.
Meatsickle charged all the Vietnamese for a lack of hospitality at the border while on his visa run, not even getting a coffee for the coffee money he had to pay while the Cambodians gave him a free beer with his visa. Runny Yolk charged the Irish sisters for posing with the Grand Canyon, having to take a shortcut to make it out of the crags. Lastly, Inbound charged Paddy Fag for forgetting the best evenings of his life in Cavan, dancing the night away with the same two Irish sisters.
After 10 minute of social drinking and waving goodbye to Jackoff’s siblings, the hash bus headed to Café-Restaurant for fish and chips, pork belly, and Dutch speciality bitterballen, which were surprisingly meaty and creamy, unlike the Dutch men who make them. On on!