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Hares: Leaky Dick,Fucking Everywhere
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We meet every Sunday at the Caravelle Hotel in District 1, HCMC. The bus leaves promptly at 2:00 pm on most days. It's best to arrive at around 1:30 with the bus returning usually around 7 to 8 pm. Bring extra clothes, a great sense of humor and a thirst for some beer wouldn't hurt. Do not forget to bring some money for the hash fees (VND220,000 for expats, VND150,000 for locals).
On On and we hope to see you on Sunday.

Next Sunday's Hash, 26th October 1263

City Hash - Due to the Nha Trang Inter Hash and a Hash wedding it is a City Hash involving pubs/bars.

Hares: Running Hare - Brighton Cock, Staggering Hare: Paddy Fag.

The run will be about 5 km and the walk about 3 km.

Saigon Hash Annual Red Dress Run 1265 – 9th November 2014

Hares: Leaky Dick and Fucking Everywhere
This year’s Red Dress Run takes place on 9th November.  This follows a hash tradition followed by hash chapters all over the world where every man, woman, child, dog etc attending must wear a red dress to run or walk in in honour of the ‘First Lady in Red’, Donna Rhinehart  who showed up to a hash in San Diego wearing a red dress back in 1987 so start getting your red dresses ready now!
Proceeds from the run fees will be donated to Operation Smile Vietnam, a charity who performs cleft lip and palate operations on children in need.
http://www.operationsmile.org.vn/  There will be special Red Dress haberdash on sale plus lucky draw tickets for purchase.  Personal initiatives to raise money such as asking colleagues to sponsor are also welcome as well as donations of prizes for the lucky drawer. 
Since there may be a need to order more than one bus please register by Monday 3rd November if you are going to attend.  Click here to register.

Run 1262

Date: 19/10/2014 Location: Long An
Hares: Brighton Cock,Ballcock,Juicy Chew,Good Lay

Running Hares: Ballcock, Brighton Cock
Walking Hares: Bright Spark, Mayumi Vice
Last week Ballcock promised us a good run and he was certainly right as a large crowd of hashers enjoyed the beautiful  agricultural scenery of Long An province.
Once again the weather remained kind and although the heavens opened up at the end of the run the rain was short-lived enabling the circle to take place outdoors. However having the circle adjacent to a Vietnamese Lady Boy fair made for an interesting afternoon.
The diminutive Thai Me Up who for most of the afternoon led a 30 strong contingent of walkers around the trail did not belie her stature and gave a very short walk report describing it as enjoyable. Despite that she scored it a minus 20.
Regular visitor Thong Muncher in giving the run report said that despite the age of the hares and their occasional memory lapses they did rather well. He said the area was very beautiful and after considering a score of plus eight  eventually settled for plus two.
Headmistress welcomed five virgins to the hash from Saigon and Ireland. Full marks to Tinky Winky who brought along three of his female staff from the Metro project and who all fondly referred to him as Winky Tinky. She also welcomed six visitors, from Germany and Malaysia as well as the commuting Thong Muncher and Tender Tit Toucher.
Mayumi Vice was immediately iced for abandoning her role as a hare and taking a shortcut.
In the absence of Jackoff the GM's role was taken by Katoyboy, a fitting substitute considering the adjacent lady Boy fair, who did an admirable job in his place.
Charges ran thick and fast and amongst them were:
In the absence of any Swedes on the hash Thong Muncher charged all Eurotrash as Sweden has, by vote, just passed a law prohibiting sex with animals with 26% of the population voting against it.
The Dutch had to stay in the middle as Paddy Fag castigated them after their football team crashed 2-0 to lowly Iceland, a country with more volcanoes than people.
Fukcoffee charged Thong Muncher for damaging a concrete bridge while crossing. Tinky Winky then charged Headmistress for her obsession of abusing British men after an English tourist, on her return from a holiday in Vietnam discovered a large leech up her nose. Headmistress retaliated again charging British men but once again this will go unreported.
Tasmanian Cums In The Family was charged by Katoyboy for going out with 15 Harriet’s and ending up sucking his thumb.
The lone visiting North Americian was charge by thong Muncher after a yankee gentleman by the name of Kelvin A Wank was discovered living up to his name in public.
Once again the Irish were way over quota prompting Katoyboy to say that would the last person to leave Ireland please turn out the lights
Winky Tinky then pitted one of his staff, Bich, up against the long Suffering Thai Me Up and I think Thai Me Up came out slightly the taller. Also in that mix was Mini Crumpet who does seem to have grown a bit lately.
Friday night's Oktoberfest caused some comment and the Vietnamese were charged by Headmistress for getting so pissed so early. The pisscapades of Katoyboy were also mentioned.
The circle was closed when loud music from the Lady Boy fair meant that we couldn't hear a bloody thing.
Paddy Fag announced that next week's hash would be an inner city pub crawl.
On On Lambwank.