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We meet every Sunday at the Caravelle Hotel in District 1, HCMC. The bus leaves promptly at 2:00 pm on most days. It's best to arrive at around 1:30 with the bus returning usually around 7 to 8 pm. Bring extra clothes, a great sense of humor and a thirst for some beer wouldn't hurt. Do not forget to bring some money for the hash fees (VND220,000 for expats, VND150,000 for locals).
On On and we hope to see you on Sunday.

The Wet Nurse's Banana Run #1258

Hares: Fucking Everywhere, Leaky Dick, Wet Nurse and In Flight Service
 Location: Suoi Trau in Dong Nai.
 The Wet Nurse's Banana Run will take us into lovely virgin territory, with the promise of some fruit picking provided the locals do not shoot you. In the darkest deepest depths of Dong Nai, you will also encounter the usual exotic fauna of ants, dogs, chickens and birds - yes - no bulls, but being the hash, still likely to be plenty of bullsh*t. There will be lots of shade and lots to see - so see you there.

Run 1257

Date: 14/09/2014 Location: Binh Duong

Hares: Katoyboy, Rohan (Virgin Hare), Cums in the Family and Flaccid Cucumber
A smaller than usual group of interpid hashers braved the wilds of the Binh Duong district, the 
domestic domicile of Katoyboy and Cums in Family. Despite torrential rain prior to the run the 
weather remained dry, although cloudy, perfect conditions for hashing. Although Katoyboy has 
previously been admonished for fucking up most of his runs there was a general consensus that 
this was an excellent event which was enjoyed by almost all the hashers.
Even veteran General Erection, normally a hard man to please, extolled its virtues and gave it 
an unbelievable plus 5 in his run report. Likewise Wet Nurse, giving her first ever walk report 
also enjoyed it, especially the water buffalo and the barking dogs and marked it a plus 3. This 
surpasses anything Katoyboy and Cums in Family have ever achieved in the past.
Religious adviser Headmistress welcomed just one virgin, a local from Saigon. She then 
introduced a visitor from Boulder Colorado, an extremely well-endowed young woman who gave 
the assembled circle a good laugh when she announced her hash name. It is an impossible 
name to record on paper but goes something like nunganunganunganunga. At least that’s the 
best I can do. Returnee Safe Sex was also welcomed back (Where the hell have you been?).
Maple Muff and Rohan were immediately iced for not wearing hash gear. No excuse - Leaky 
Dick has a big selection for sale prior to every circle.
Returnee Safe Sex was then charged of offering ill-advised advice to the GM on how and when 
to run the circle. Maybe she is looking to take over the job. Dumblewhore was then iced for 
unspecified crimes against humanity.
Serial charger Head Mistress charged all the Englishmen (again!!!) because some English 
weatherman did not know what the capital of Scotland is. We all know its Aberdeen. 
Dumblewhore then got off the ice in time to charge all those seated in the rear seats of the bus 
for giving him bird flu. Apparently as soon as he gets on the bus he starts sneezing.
Paddy Fag then charged Maple Muff and PM2 for having sex on the ice. PM2 was heard to 
whisper to Maple Muff "after two minutes you won't feel a thing. Katoyboy charged Brighton 
Cock and Flaccid (with two c's) Cucumber for not providing enough paper the result of which 
was that we had to follow pylons for the latter part of the run.
Dumblewhore charged Miss Saigon for finding and stepping in the biggest cowpat in Binh 
Duong. PM2 also literally put her foot in it. Both denied the charge saying it was all bullshit.
Virgin hare Rohan was then named Private Sandarse - something to do with coming from 
Sandhurst, the military academy in England. He was initiated by the traditional dousing of iced 
water but was presented with a dry t-shirt to comemorate the event.
Several milestone awards were presented: General Erection 300 runs; Safe Sex 150 runs; 
Maple Muff and Lambwank 50 runs; Flaccid Cucumber virgin hareset; Thai Me Up 10 haresets.
General Erection then presented one of the "hash never forgets" awards to Paddy Fag for 
doing he most haresets - in 2012. I am sure he will treasure it.
Paddy Fag, the hare for the October lesbian run in District seven said there would be a start, a 
finish and an on on in a restaurant.
The B and D run is on this Thursday starting from Katoyboy's house.
On On - Lambwank