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Run 1299
Hares: Sexy Eyes,Jack Off,Stray Pussy,Slippery Punt
Run 1301- William of Orange Run
Hares: Shithouse,Paddy Fag
Run 1302 -In Flight Service's Birthday Run
Hares: Inflight Service,Phuc My 2,Fucking Everywhere
Run 1303
Hares: Stray Pussy,Creamy Tulips,Fine Arse,Big Tool

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We meet every Sunday at the Caravelle Hotel in District 1, HCMC. The bus leaves promptly at 2:00 pm on most days. It's best to arrive at around 1:30 with the bus returning usually around 7 to 8 pm. Bring extra clothes, a great sense of humor and a thirst for some beer wouldn't hurt. Do not forget to bring some money for the hash fees (VND220,000 for expats, VND150,000 for locals).
On On and we hope to see you on Sunday.

Saigon Hash House Harriers 25th Birthday Weekend on 21 - 23rd August.

Saigon Hash will be 25 years old this coming August and a full weekend of hashing is being planned to celebrate this special milestone. 

A full packed weekend of drinking, eating and some running of course includes more details...

Next week’s run, Sunday 5th July

The hares are Stray Pussy and her gang to mark the 97th anniversary of SPAM CHAM. Location is yet again everyone’s favourite – Dong Nai.  Now there’s a surprise! 

F3 Saigon Hash House Harriettes – Next Run – Friday 3rd July

Next run meets at Boomarang Bar, 107 Tôn Dật Tiên, Crescent Mall, District 7.  Registration from 6.30pm for a 7pm start – 50, 000 VND.  Hares – Sore Arse, Sexy Eyes and General Erection  will lay short running and walking trails around the suburban roads of District 7.  Optional On On meal and drinks afterwards. 

Run 1298 - The Short Hot Run.

Date: 28/06/2015 Location:
Hares: Sore Arse,Juicy Chew

Important Notice.
We had a new stand in Grand Mistress, The lovely Fine Arse. This is the first time the Saigon Hash House Harriers has experienced a Vietnamese Grand Master/Mistress and Fine Arse did do a good job of this.

Hares: Sore Arse, Juicy Chew, and I Choked Linda Lovelace.
Running Hares: Sore Arse and I Choked Linda Lovelace
Walking Hare: Juicy Chew
On Sundayaround 30 hashers hopped on the bus for Binh Chanh the scenic run through new territory untouched by hashers.  Well that was until now.  Hares were iced for the short run, bring everyone back ON IN before 4pm.  At least they didn’t break the 5pm curfew.  I choked Linda Lovelace was then kept on the ice longer than Sore Arse and Juicy Chew for drinking with the wrong hand.
Our visitor, Scandal, said there was no paper on the trail, call backs and no shade, because the misleading hare, Sore Arse lost the way as usual.  What can be said about that?  It was also added that the yellow ribbon, tied around a tree to mark the trail, was stolen and there were too many bikes.  Score -10
The walk was reported to be excellent with no explanation or direction.  Score 9 
Total score - ½
Virgins, visitors and returnees.
Jack Off acted as Stand in Religious Advisor and welcomed the visitors: Toucan, Scandal and Moby’s Dick and two returnees: Come Again and Captain Cock Spit.
Katoy Boy charged Shit House for not supporting the Spam Cham, by saying that winning prizes was not charity.
Head Mistress charged Katoy Boy and Cleared For Landing (absent from this hash run) for spilling wine on her.  She also charged Sore Arse at the same time, because she found the Geordie lass’ hair in her Gin and Tonic.  Washing your hair in alcohol does make a change from shampoo.
Stray Pussy charged Sore Arse for false reporting – The Hash Scribe reported that she had failed a motorbike robbery when she had actually foiled it.
General Erection charged Sore Arse for stating in an E-mail that she wasn’t going out that night. 
Katoy Boy charged Big Tool for asking the SH3 to move over to District 2, near to where he lives.  Shit House and Slippery Punt were also charged because they live in District 2.  SH3 meets at the usual place, The Caravelle Hotel in District 1.
Fine Arse, our lovely stand in Grand Mistress, charged Fucking Everywhere for going to a concert too early and then sleeping too early.  Aren’t we allowed to be Early Birds anymore?
Sore Arse charged Mini Crumpet, Fukoffee and Stray Pussy as follows:  Mini Crumpet reported the Queen’s Birthday run to have been NO SEX ON THE HASH.  Sore Arse revealed a photo of Mini Crumpet raping Fukoffee on that very trail itself, Fukoffee was enjoying it, while Stray Pussy witnessed it and didn’t report it.  Neglecting duties.  Sore Arse did say that REVENGE was sweet!
Sore Arse and Come again were charged for not going out the night before; Come Again was too tired – suspected (sex) indiscretion – JEALOUSY!
Katoy Boy charged the Americans for legalizing gay marriages.  It is 2015, not 1915.  Times have changed!
Shit House charged Bum Gravy for calling on paper, then calling on NO paper, acting as a silent runner.  Then iced for this.
I Choked Linda Lovelace charged Fine Arse – Oops!  The Grand Mistress cannot be charged.  He was then put back on the ice.  Neither the first nor the last.
Fukoffee charged Captain Cock Spit for looking for his route, when flying his plane and trying to set his gyroscope.
Katoy Boy charged Australians because they can’t keep their own people having fun, doing sports, eating and drinking.
Sexy Eyes and Creamy Tulips were caught dancing in the circle so they both got mounted on the ice next to I choked Linda Lovelace.
Fukoffee charged Toucan and Captain Cock Spit for Fashion Abuse – Toucan wore his knee pads round his ankles as if they were ankle warmers and Captain Cock Spit wore Checked shorts looking like pajama bottoms.
Katoy Boy charged Haber Dash sellers for doing a good job as everyone was wearing a HASH T-shirt.  However no Haber Dash was sold on that day so Katoy boy was placed on the ice.
Head Mistress charged all the British for losing business as they were being too polite.  They’re NOT rude bastards!
Shit House charged Slippery Punt and Room Service for taking it easy on the hash – CHILL OUT!
Sore Arse charged General Erection for running out of songs.  Can’t have a Song Meister with no songs.
I choked Linda Lovelace was awarded the T-shit for 25 runs.
Juicy Chew was awarded patches for 15 hare sets.
On On was at Zest Bistro & Café.
A final charge - Fucking Everywhere charged General Erection for escaping jail.
On On
Sore Arse