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Run 1304
Hares: Dumblewhore,Head Mistress,Down Underwear
Run 1305
Hares: Juicy Chew
Run 1306
Hares: Tie Me Up,Tinky Winky
Run 1300
Hares: Sexy Eyes,Paddy Fag,General Erection,Fuckoffee,Head Mistress,Phuc My 2

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We meet every Sunday at the Caravelle Hotel in District 1, HCMC. The bus leaves promptly at 2:00 pm on most days. It's best to arrive at around 1:30 with the bus returning usually around 7 to 8 pm. Bring extra clothes, a great sense of humor and a thirst for some beer wouldn't hurt. Do not forget to bring some money for the hash fees (VND220,000 for expats, VND150,000 for locals).
On On and we hope to see you on Sunday.

Saigon Hash House Harriers 25th Birthday Weekend on 21 - 23rd August.

Saigon Hash will be 25 years old this coming August and a full weekend of hashing is being planned to celebrate this special milestone. 

A full packed weekend of drinking, eating and some running of course includes more details...

Next Run - 1304 - Return of the Typhoon Run - Sunday 2nd August

Hares Head Mistress, DumbleWhore and Down Underwear plus Marino, a virgin hare will be returning to Phuoc Tan, Bien Hoa in Dong Nai province, the site of the famed typhoon run to lay trails through beautiful countryside from A to B so expect countryside trails, shaded woodlands and some shiggy. There will be a pick up in District 2.

F3 Saigon Hash House Harriettes run no 18!!

Our next harriettes run is in good old Dist.2. But not on the old hashed trails. This time we're gonna be 'alley cats' or in VN: 'meo hem'.
Bring your torches as some areas are quite dark (wellies might be good too).
We meet & eat at restaurant Quan La 2, at 64 Tran Nao st. Binh An ward. Just over the Saigon Bridge from Distr 1.
There's plenty of motorbike parking. Food & beer are so cheap: order your own. Prices for beer start at 10.000 vnd. Food is delicious! IFS and RY tried.
50.000 vnd for run/beer at circle, bring your own water.
6.30pm register for 7pm start: on time.
When: Friday 7 August.
Hares: IFS - walk, RY - run.

Run 1302 The Desertion and Rationing Run

Date: 19/07/2015 Location:
Hares: Inflight Service,Phuc My 2,Fucking Everywhere

The hares for this run were F**king Everywhere and Phuc My 2 for the runners and Mini Crumpet and In Flight Service for the walkers. The hares provided delicious homemade jackfruit icecream on the bus, made from jackfruit they had been given on the reccie, to give us all a taste of things to come. However as the runners and walkers all arrived back after 5 pm the hares were the ones who ended up feeling the chill from the ice!
With religious advisor Phuc My 2 cooling off on the ice lookalike Jack Off stepped into the breach to initiate the virgins in the ways of the hash. Nha and Bamboo, joining us from HCMC, were made to come by their 'friend' who was notably absent, perhaps recovering from previous efforts. Additions to the Dutch contingent were Erwin who was encouraged to come by F**king Everywhere and Jasper and Sophie who were made to come by Cleared for Landing. As she likes to keep it in the family and she also encouraged the welcome return of Zefanja, also from Holland
The run report was given by Jack Off. It was 12 km as promised, despite the scare tactics used by the hares leading the runners to consider it might turn out to be 15 km (which led to a preemptive icing of the running hares at the beers stop), there was beer stop with cold beers, and beautiful scenery although we were all 'too bloody tired to look at it'. The run was scored as -17.25.
The walk report stated that it was the
'Longest walk ever' as laid on paper and enhanced at the whim of the over enthusiastic hares with their long checks, uncrossed false trails and random diversions. However, it was as always enjoyable with beautiful and varied views and was given a score of 0.0523
The total score was thus -8.09935... Could it be that some hashers are keen to challenge the mathematical genius of our erstwhile GM.
As it had been a very congenial run there were only a few charges.
Birthday girls In Flight Service and Cleared for Landing were charged with being stingy having only provided half a cake each.
 The British were charged with letting the side due after reports in the Sun revealing that in 1933 the Queen was giving nazi salutes in garden and  visiting Germany to shake Hitler and his cronies 'by the dick'.
Slippry Punt and Down Underware were charged with dissection, having left the walk to join the run without the correct authorisation from the hares leading to delays on the walk as unnecessary search parties were sent out to rescue our lost comrades. Stray Pussy admitted culpability in encouraging the desertion of Down Underware and was forced to share their punishment.
The On on was hosted by Napoli Cafe.
It was announced that for those spending Christmas in the UK there would be a special Christmas run organised on the 29th of December to prevent symptoms of withdrawal. This will be held in Kent by our considerate GM who has invited Hashers  to visit him.
Next weeks run is in D9 along the Dong Nai river on Long Phuc Island, where we have been promised an Ao Dai museum, movie set and plenty of wildlife. Big Tool is the virgin lead hare ably assisted by the other running hare Stray Pussy and 2 walking hares who have been reported as missing in action. Hopefully they will be found in time for the walk.
Sign up for the long anticipated  25th Birthday Run is also open, be there or be square!
The Hasher formally known as Sexy Eyes.