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Run 1294
Hares: Tinky Winky,Tie Me Up
Run 1295
Hares: Bum Gravy,Shithouse,Mini Crumpet,Giang
Run 1296 - Queen's Birthday
Hares: Fuckoffee,Head Mistress,Sore Arse,Sexy Eyes
Run 1297
Hares: Hares Needed

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We meet every Sunday at the Caravelle Hotel in District 1, HCMC. The bus leaves promptly at 2:00 pm on most days. It's best to arrive at around 1:30 with the bus returning usually around 7 to 8 pm. Bring extra clothes, a great sense of humor and a thirst for some beer wouldn't hurt. Do not forget to bring some money for the hash fees (VND220,000 for expats, VND150,000 for locals).
On On and we hope to see you on Sunday.

Run 1294 – Dong Nai / Long Tan Golf Course- Sunday 31st May

Meet at The Caravelle Hotel at 1:30pm for a prompt 2pm bus departure and also pick up in District 2.
Temples and Rivers are promised by the current GM and the resilient Thai Me Up. Expect abandoned bridges, dense jungle, orange clad locals and mystical statues. Not forgetting a long riverbank stretch to keep your yingy and yangy in balance.
Hares; Tinky Winky and Thai Me Up

Next F3 Saigon Hash House Harriettes - Friday 5th June - Run 16

Meet at:  Zombie BBQ, 628a Vo Tuong Toan. Inside Parklands Country Club near ISHCMC, District 2
Time:  Registration starts at 6.30pm for a 7pm run
Hares:  Cunning Lingus, Landing Strip, Dumblewhore and Inbound
On On:  Zombie BBQ - set BBQ meal.  Veggies also catered for.  
NB:  Well-behaved men are welcome

Run 1293

Date: 24/05/2015 Location: Binh Duong
Hares: Room Service,Paddy Fag,Katow Boy

Hares:Paddy Fag, Erica (virgin hare), Katoy Boy and Room Service.
Running Hares: Paddy Fag and Erica (virgin hare)
Walking Hare: Katoy Boy and Room Service
On Sundayalmost a full bus of hashers joined the walk/run of the vanishing hare and hardcore virgin, well she was left to lead the runners through the countryside of Binh Duong all on her own on her very first hare set. By the time we got to the beer stop, who popped up from the middle of nowhere?  The Vanishing Hare himself.  How dare he neglect his duties as hare and leave the poor virgin to pick up the pieces!  The beer stop was welcomed by all.
Paddy Fag was iced for missing the bus as he didn’t get out of bed till 2pm, forcing the bus to leave the hotel later than usual, then arriving late red handed with a beer at the beer stop.  Charged by Jack Off then iced again for moaning about running on the roads and charged then iced for the third time for doing runs when age may be creeping upon him.  Maybe it’s time to start walking. 
Erica (virgin hare) iced for not telling the bus where to go in Binh Duong, whilst having lunch on the bus.  Since this was her first hareset, she had her naming ceremony including the full shower treatment.  From now on, she will be known as Erotica as she likes nature and it almost rhymes with her name.
Safe Sex gave the run report, saying she got lost on the run and gave a score of 5 for the beer stop.  She then went on to say how she ended up with the walker on the loop so she gave the final score -5, so a big fat 0.
As for the walk report, Cunning Lingus enjoyed the walk saying it was good along with the beer stop, but was technically challenged as the hares were checking their route on their GPS/phones.  She gave the report -5 so the final score is -2 ½.
Virgins, visitors and returnees.
Religious Adviser, Phuc My 2 welcomed 9 virgins: 3 from France; 1 from Wales; 5 from Saigon. She then went on to welcome back the returnees and visitors: Safe Sex, Shit House, Edward and Nguyen.
Katoy Boy was iced for not doing his job as assisting Religious advisor as asked to do so.
Inbound charged ALL British people (English, Irish, Scottish and Welch) for passing a law to allow gay and lesbian marriages.  The Brits were then charged again for Political Correctness gone wrong, screwed up rules and restrictions to vehicle licensing.
Head Mistress charged ALL the Vietnamese, due to the fact she was held at Immigration at the airport en route to Cambodia, because there weren’t enough staff to cater for non Vietnamese nationals.  
Lamb Wank, Dumble Whore and Shit House were charged for the financing of prostitutes by selling Hash beer. 
Fukoffee charged Mayumi Vice for taking part in a beer drinking competition and coming last.  At least she did take part, brave lady.
Sore Arse charged the Japanese for their weird and wonderful inventions of Table and Chair leg socks, to protect the floor from being scratched.  Bum Gravy was asked to translate for the Geordie Lass, who is often misunderstood by many. Sore Arse then presented the Japanese each with a packet of Tables and Chairs socks.
Shit House was charged and then iced for not choosing a down down song, after being chosen to be song master.
Katoy Boy charged Edward for not wearing a hash T-shirt, after having hashed before.  He then went on to charge and ice Phuc My 2 and I Choked Linda Lovelace for wearing underwear with a sarong.  When wearing a sarong, you go commando!  No knickers, no boxer shorts no G-strings, no Y-fronts and no NOTHING! Fashion abuse!
Bum Gravy laid a triple charge on Shit House:  first one for being Dutch; second one for being a disco drama queen and the third for dressing up like someone in the 70s.
Katoy Boy charges Cleared for Landing and Room Service for their concerns over birth control, so he presented them with Cambodia Condoms – 4 times more likely to get pregnant.
Paddy Fag charged Katoy Boy and Room Service for not knowing where the hash was and he and Erotica organised it all.
Jack Off charged Dumble Whore for registering for the Inter-Hash twice with the wrong name.  He was then iced for this.
Cleared For Landing (Dutch Lady) charged Bum Gravy for his charges over Shit House.  Revenge is sweet.  She also charged Shit House (Dutch man himself) for not attending the Dutch party to celebrate the Dutch King’s Birthday.  She also went on to charge Katoy Boy (non Dutch man) for appearing on 90% of the photos taken at the Dutch party.  Way to go!
Inbound charged Fukoffee for saying how coffee can improve sex.  In what way?  Sexual activity, sex drive, etc.?
Room Service awarded a T-Shirt for 25 hashes; Lamb Wank and Cunning Lingus awarded patches for 75 hashes and Tinky Winky and Down Under Wear awarded patched for 100 hashes.
On On
Sore Arse