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Run 1322 Sinterklaas Run
Hares: Turn Off,Shithouse,Fucking Everywhere,Cleared for Landing,Runny Yolk
Run 1323
Hares: Stray Pussy,Jack Off
Run 1324
Hares: Sore Arse, Shithouse and Creamy 2Lips
Run 1325 Pub Crawl
Hares: Paddy Fag,??????

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  • Vietnamese    0902 822 022
  • English    0167 962 2369 or 0938 966 396
  • Email sytzej@gmail.com

Hash in VietNam

Join us on the Saigon Hash, this Sunday.....

Join us on the bus out to running and walking trails in the countryside. It is great fun and you do not need to be an experienced runner to participate. Trails are 7-9 km (strictly non-competitive) for runners and the walks are usually around 5-6 km.
We meet every Sunday at the Caravelle Hotel in District 1, HCMC. The bus leaves promptly at 2:00 pm on most days. It's best to arrive at around 1:30 -1:45 with the bus returning usually around 7 to 8 pm. Bring running shoes, extra clothes, a great sense of humor and a thirst for some beer wouldn't hurt. Do not forget to bring some money for the hash fees (VND300,000 for expats, VND150,000 for locals) and some extra if you want to buy T-shirts or other gear from the Haberdash hash shop.
On On and we hope to see you on Sunday.

Want to know more?
Call  0938 966 396   (for English, Dutch, Flemish, Afrikaans, French and German speakers) and 
call   0902 822 022    or  0168 908 9208 (if you are more comfortable in Vietnamese).

Or send an email to:  sytzej@gmail.com

Next week's Run 1322 on 6th December: Sinterklaas Run

December 6: The Dutch Sinterklaas run, Binh Duong
Sinterklaas, friend of the Dutch and the world, made a very successful appearance at the Saigon Hash in 2014. Despite a long overdue retirement (Sinterklaas is 755 years old - this is older than General Erection, Ballcock, Lambwank and Dumblewhore  together) - the hares Runny Yolk, Cleared for Landing, Turnoff, Shithouse and F***ing Everywhere have convinced Sinterklaas to again be the guest of honour on the soft lawn of the Turnon-Turnoff residence in Binh Duong. Afterthe run/walk, Sinterklaas, with beard, and staff will take over the circle, reward good hashers (Sinterklaas will bring plenty of "pepper nuts") and punish the sinners in traditional Dutch fashion. Very bad sinners will be iced, then wrapped up in a jute bag and transported to Spain to undergo a year-long re-education. 
After the circle, a dinner will be served, generously sponsored by Sinterklaas. 

The bus will leave at the usual 14h00 (2 pm) sharp from the Caravelle. NO pickup in District 2 this week.

Saturday 12th December Hash Christmas Party

This will be held on 12th December at GAME ON in a private room upstairs. If you want free entry make sure you get your 2015 run total up to 10 runs or more! There will be a free buffet, drinks (beer, wine and softies)  and a Raffle for the 10+ers.

Registration is now open: Register by clicking on Saigon Hash Xmas extravaganza and follow instructions.

If you do not have 10 runs under your money belt, the fee will be 300,000 VND/Head on the door if you register. If you do not register you have to pay 500,000 VND/Head on the door. If you register and do not show, Tinky Winky will ice you long time.

After the Party, the noticeably slimmer and trimmer Katoey Boy invites you all for a pub crawl to celebrate his departure from Vietnam for pastures new in Rumania (as the local vampires call it).

Saigon Harriettes' Runs

The Saigon Harriettes usually run on the First F#$@%ng Friday of each month. 
  Details on their runs can be found under Hash Events,
   click on Harriettes' runs on Fridays.

Run 1327 on 10 January 2016 Shithouse's Birthday Run

Get out your diaries and note this date of January 10, 2016 when Shithouse will celebrate his birthday. He refuses to tell anyone how old he will become, but it must be close to a hundred years. Shithouse will invite all hashers for a dinner at La Habana (courtesy of Shithouse) with live music, so do not forget to bring your dancing shoes. 


Don't forget to bring some extra Dong with you on the hash bus to buy some goodies from our hash store.
We have an extensive collection of high quality running shorts, singlets, shirts, moneybelts stubby coolers, caps, sarongs and other sensational Hash memorabilia all meticulously designed to suit the Vietnam tropical climate.

Are you a Movie Star?

Our Hash director FCCafe has shot high quality movies of all of you. To find out if you are a movie star, check them out:

Run 1320 Coffee Muncher Too Run

Run 1319 Backside of the Moon Run

Run 1315 Mini eats her Crumpet 

Run 1314 Red Dress Run

Run 1312  Scenic and shitty Run

Run 1309    Run 1308

Run 1304    Run 1300

And we even have some with foreign movie stars:

Myanmar 6-8 November 2015

Cebu Hash  12 September 2015 

Cebu Bike tour September 2015

For Hares

Difficulties finding a good runsite? Check out the SaigonHashMap.

Once you found a good location and know the starting point, inform the bus crew at least a week in advance. Best is to send the coordinates of the starting point to vudang@live.com and vudang2011@live.com

For more info on how to prepare as a Hare, click on Hare instructions.

Run statistics

The Saigon Hash religeously records all your runs and haresets. Details can be found by clicking on the little foot marked Hash Stats, at the top of the home page.
In the search box, just type the first few letters of your Hash name, then click "Search" and your data will come up.

Run 1320 The Loses Abound Run

Date: 22/11/2015 Location:

1320 Loses abound
The hares for this run were Fuckoffee and Thong Muncher for the runners and Phuc My 2 for the walkers.
The run report was given by Safe Sex; she described it as a bit wet, the hares had obviously made her wet much to the delight of the assembled hashers and Thong Muncher was thanked for bringing the rain. She gave a score of 9. This was a very high score given that an intrepid hasher, who had set off in search of our route and been foiled in their attempt to rejoin the pack by a large wall, had been carelessly left behind at the very start of the run. Despite the alarm being raised by a concerned member of the hash, confusion and relaying of the trial resulted in the anticipated rescue failing to materialise. This left our forlorn adventurer searching fruitlessly for a way back to their companions. After wandering around aimlessly looking for an elusive paper trail they eventually abandoned all hope of joining our expedition into the wilds and returned to the bleak loneliness of the bus where they were forced to drown their sorrows in beer. A terrible state of affairs I am sure you will all agree and of course, in true journalistic style, I am merely reporting the facts and in no way biased in this matter.
Cleared for Landing gave the walk report. She informed us that  the hare had lost the expensive GPS, she was later charged for this by Fuckoffee, the inconsolable owner of said lost GPS. She had then lost the paper, and finally capped it off by losing the walkers when she abandoned them to search for the GPS. She gave them directions that resulted in them walking in circles. When the resourceful walkers rang the bus there was no answer so in good hashing tradition they went back to the last paper and were eventually found by a distraught hare who completed the job of leading them home, still GPSless. The score was -20  giving an overall score of - 5.5.
At this point the mystery of the missing hash phone was possible solved when Fuckoffeee admitted to keeping it hostage and was consequently iced.
The religious advisor in the shape of Phuc My 2 then took over the proceedings. The virgins were found to be Betsy from the USA and Nadine from Vietnam who were both lucky enough to have friends who made them come. Mahar and his girlfriend Lucy from France made each other come, always a promising sign. Frans from Holland revealed that his sister had made him come whilst Jasmine from Australia proved the most independent and resourceful declaring that she had made herself come.
The visitors and returnees were then interrogated and found to be Thong Muncher and Safe Sex but they were not revealing any secrets about what they had been up to especially with regard to the previous night. Cleared for Landing declared that she had been off having lots of unprotected sex, repeated successful landings mean she is now pregnant with what promises to be a dedicated new member of the hash after starting so young.
Charges were then laid against various members of the hash. Inspect ‘er Chim charged the hares for misleading the hashers by telling them after 4 km it was a clear run to the bus, resulting in him and other hashers following many false trails. This was deemed to be a false charge as this type of duplicity is felt to be acceptable on the hash and he was duly iced.
Thong Muncher charged Safe Sex for being naturally blond, despite the illusion created by having dark hair. This related to an incident on the secret rendezvous the previous evening  when they were on a rooftop bar having a drink when she wondered aloud what would happen if  it rained, well what normally happens … you get wet! Again! General Erection then charged Tinky Winkys daughter (in his place) Tie Me Up for not telling us it was her birthday thus avoiding making it apparent that she has reached 18 and is now legal.
At this point The GM had to intervene and ice a group of female hashers who were having a private party.
As Inspect ‘er Chim had by now been released from the ice Stray Pussy charged him with misleading the hash by calling paper when there was none and luring a group of poor unsuspecting Harriettes along a dangerous route into his lair. She was particularly disappointed as the consequence of all this effort was a little prick in her hand.
Sexy Eyes was then awarded with a T shirt for completing 25 runs.
Finally Down Underware was charged for living down to her name when she downed her underwear in a secluded spot which turned out to be directly in the view of a group of startled locals driving a very nice Innova… maybe not the best way to hitch a ride back to the bus, usually, in my experience, a little bit of leg is all that is required.
The On On was at a Vietnamese barbecue which proved to too much for a couple of our less intrepid Hashers. Faced with the challenge of having to use fire to cook food they headed off to a local raw fish restaurant whilst the rest of us moved out of the dark ages and into a new era of cooking.
And that’s all for this week. Until next time, On On
Sexy Eyes