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Run 1286 Binh Duong 1st Anniversary
Hares: Cums in the Family,Katoyboy,Oxymoron,Room Service
Run 1287 - Aries Birthday Run
Hares: Paddy Fag,Fuckoffee,Head Mistress
Run 1288 - FE's Birthday Run
Hares: Safe Sex,Fucking Everywhere

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Hash in VietNam

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We meet every Sunday at the Caravelle Hotel in District 1, HCMC. The bus leaves promptly at 2:00 pm on most days. It's best to arrive at around 1:30 with the bus returning usually around 7 to 8 pm. Bring extra clothes, a great sense of humor and a thirst for some beer wouldn't hurt. Do not forget to bring some money for the hash fees (VND220,000 for expats, VND150,000 for locals).
On On and we hope to see you on Sunday.

Hash on 29th March

This sunday's run will be in District 9, a 40 minute bus ride plus pick up at District 2 bus stop and there will be a 10km run, 7.5km run and 5km walk - all along one trail passing through shiggy, woodland and the Taj Mahal of Vietnam. We will have the chance to send off Pole Polisher flies back to the US and welcome back Thong Muncher & T3 who are here on a flying visit.

F3 Saigon Hash House Harriettes – 1st Anniversary Run - Run No 14 – Friday 3rd April

Meet at : Le Crespo, 63 Truong Dinh, District 3 (just up the road from District 1) just past Pizza Hut on the corner. 
Time:  Registration from 6.30pm.  Run starts at 7pm.  Well behaved men are welcome.
Price:  100, 000 VND includes t-shirt and circle beers as well as down downs
Run Description:  Hares Head Mistress, Batty, Room Service and Landing Strip have prepared a 5km run and 3km walk through the streets and hems of District 3. 
On On:  Le Crespo, 150, 000 VND for individual pizza, salad and beer or spaghetti bolognaise.  Le Crespo have a wood fired pizza oven and their pizzas rival the infamous 4Ps.  The owner, Ophely spent 20 years living in Switzerland and knows how to make a good pizza. 

Run 1284

Date: 22/03/2015 Location: Dong Nai
Hares: Bum Gravy,Head Mistress,Shithouse

Hares: Bum Gravy, Shit House, General Erection, Head Mistress and Mary Poppins.
Idiot running hares: Bum Gravy and Shit House

Gentlemen Running Hares: General Erection and Head Mistress

Walking Hare: Mary Poppins

On Sunday the hash bus went to yet another location of Dong Nai Province called Long Thanh.  There were so many hashers this time that not only were stools provided for those without a seat, but others had to stand.  Fortunately not one had to dangle out of the sides of the windows.  Well we do need more people to come along and join the fun.

Room Service said the walk was long, but with it was nice with lots of shade and gave it a mark of -5.

Jack Off enjoyed the Gentlemen walk in the shaded areas; however he had to see to Stray Pussy, who fell on the trail.  The walk turned out to be an 11K run, because some hare screwed up the trail, ran out of paper and had to lay some more on the day.  ‘We may as well have done the IDIOT run’ he complained, giving it a -19.

Leaky Dick also enjoyed a good Idiot run with 2 beer stops.  He then went on to describe the highlight of the run to be Sore Arse pulling her knickers down to pee against the wall.  Well women do need to pee just like the men.  He also rated the walk a -5.

Religious Adviser, Ballcock welcomed 4 virgins: 1 from Georgia, USA; 1 from France and 2 from California, USA.  He then went on to welcome back 7 returnees: Turn Off, Rampaging Pussy, Rampaging Pussy 2, Lemon Chiller, Song Man, Dong Leaver and 1 unnamed returnee.  Finally 5 visitors were welcomed: Shaggy, City Girl, Tit Bull, Jacoochi and Camotom and Jacoochi and Camotom’s 2 kids.

Rampaging Pussy 2, Flaccid Cucumber and I Choked Linda Lovelace were iced along with a returnee, who forgot to come in the circle with the other returnees.

Katoy Boy charged parents of the hash for child abuse by exposing their children to foul language.

Head Mistress charged Bum Gravy, Shit House and General Erection for dragging her out of bed way too early to meet at a restaurant for breakfast, which was closed.  General Erection found a map and suggested ways of extending the trail, while Shit House hid behind bus stops to avoid being hosed with water by street cleaners.  As a result, Shit House was iced.

Head Mistress was given an award for laying her 40th hare set.

Katoy Boy charged Room Service and Cleared For Landing for going to watch 50 shades of grey, of which the sexy parts were cut out, so they asked for a discount, which was declined.

Jack Off charged Shit House for stealing sand in Bali to take home and build his kids a sandcastle, then decided to charge ALL the Dutch for this.

Fukoffee charged Maple Muff for falling over in the street en route of the trail.

A farewell was given to Leaky Dick and Wet Nurse, who will venture out onto pastures new of the Philippines.  Leaky Dick was iced for not bringing the cake, but Double Grinder came to the rescue and brought a cake for all to share.

Shit House then charged ALL the English for have the big ‘L’ on Richard III‘s grave, after giving it to the Chinese who renamed the historical King Lichard III.


- Farewell Party for Leaky Dick and Wet Nurse at the Spotted Cow, Saturday 28th March, 7pm.

- FFF Harriettes’ run, 1st Anniversary on Friday 3rd April including T-shirt and surprises in District 1 or 3.  Still to be confirmed.

- Sunday 5th April, 1st Anniversary run for Binh Duong.  Free T-Shirt for those who have done 2 or more runs there.

- Next week, Sunday 29th March, Pole Polisher’s last run along with Thong Muncher and Fukoffee in District 9 to run through the Taj Mahal of Vietnam.

Pnomh Penh run 14th – 17th May.

Saigon 25th Anniversary hash run, 23rd – 25th August.

On on.

Sore Arse