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Run 1238 Anzac Day Run
Hares: Paddy Fag,General Erection,Twin Knockers,MRE
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We meet every Sunday at the Caravelle Hotel in District 1, HCMC. The bus leaves promptly at 2:00 pm on most days. It's best to arrive at around 1:30 with the bus returning usually around 7 to 8 pm. Bring extra clothes, a great sense of humor and a thirst for some beer wouldn't hurt. Do not forget to bring some money for the hash fees (VND220,000 for expats, VND150,000 for locals).
On On and we hope to see you on Sunday.

Run 1236

Date: 13/04/2014 Location: Dong Nai
Hares: Paddy Fag,Fukoffee,Head Mistress

“Hello, listeners. I'm Wankipedia, and you're listening to KSGN 107.9 The Hash.
“Let's start off with your traffic report. With the Walk Report, here's Richard the Turd. Rich?”
            “Pleasant scenery, P-Dub. We've got a nice canal here, some locals, and villages. Good roads, some                                    construction. Not too hot today.”
“Thanks, Rich. For those of you in a hurry, we have Woofter with the Run Report. Woofter?”
            “Well, it looks like the walkers stole all the shade, here. We've got a pounding sun, and the                          humidity isn't helping. We've also got word that the hares have been shortcutting, and that              they've managed to lead the whole group astray.”
“Really? They got the runners lost? I've got something about years of service awards here.......”
            “They're about twenty minutes late....I think Paddyfag said something about a kilometer out off                course.”
“Thank you, Woofter, but that's all the time we have for traffic. We'll catch up to your story later.
“In local news, two new members of the Saigon Hash were inducted, both from Vietnam. The Hash also welcomed back returnees Richard the Turd, Trickle Dick and Oxymoron, as well as British visitors Pork Pie and Just Rebecca.
“The Hash also celebrated the birthdays of Headmistriss, Paddyfag and Fuckoffee, as well as Fuckoffee's 50th Hareset. The trio, with hundreds of haresets between them, celebrated the milestone by getting lost on the trail they had created the day before in one of the Saigon Hash's most frequently-visited areas during the past 10 years.
“Local magistrate General Erection had Wankipedia charged for competitive running. The trial, which lasted a few minutes, found him unanimously guilty. Our station legal expert, Maurice Levy, concluded that the judge was unimpressed with his “suck it” defense, and recommends against trying it again.
“Local celebrity Leaky Dick raised charges against Creamy Two Lips, claiming that her shallow relationship with him was based solely on looks and that being treated as a sex object devalued his ego and self-esteem.
“International businessman and vaguely ethical white person Fuckoffee brought a campaign of fire and brimstone against the Vietnamese women on the Hash for steal farmer's fruit, like it was the Great Depression or the Dustbowl or something. Twin Knockers was doubly guilty for trying to make off with a fruit-bearing tree, and Oxymoron was charged for being a Kiwi, as is his idiom.
Phuc My Two accused Phuc My Duc of bragging via humbleness...hang on. Intern Steve. Intern Steve! Don't have a word for that? One moment folks. Intern Steve is checking the memes for me and – ah! Humblebragging. Really? That's the best we could come up with? From the top: Phuc My Two accused Phuc My Duc of humblebragging because PMD claimed it was hard to run with her large breasts. A visual inspection by several elderly men led to the conclusion that she was using false modesty.
“Local grifter General Erection charged the Mismanagement Committee for not giving him a Jamison handout, nor telling him that there was a bottle of Jamison in the first place.
“International businessman Fuckoffee and practitioner of the dark arts Headmistress were found in dereliction of duty, sitting in a cafe while Paddyfag was busy setting the trail.
“Local pimp and ne'er-do-well Katoyboy discovered Fuckoffee attempting to make a power play, gunning for Multiple Rear Entry's title by wearing a pair of pants with a whole in the rear. Unfortunately for Fuckofee,MRE did not get where he is today be being poor at reading the political battlefield. The two have since made up, and hopefully coffee will no longer be a controlled substance in Australia.
“Finally, in honor of Fuckoffee's 50th Hareset birthday extravaganza, he was given a trophy and a laser-engraved thermos that said “Phuc Cafe.” Well played, Vietnam. Well played.
“On the foreign front, all Pakistani were called up. As none of them were dumb enough to attend the Hash, the Vietnamese were called up to represent them. An infant was recently cleared of murder by the Pakistani authorities. As is well known, the Hash takes a dim view of children, and we are saddened that one of them has escaped punishment for their time. Will the courts ever wise up to their games? Or will the all-powerful “child lobby” remain friends in good standing with judicial figures? Only time can tell.
“Station reporter, pimp and ne'er-do-well Katoyboy called up all scientists to answer for their efforts at making the world a better place. Women with broken vaginas or now have the opportunity to get a replacement, as science has cloned a number of vaginas and successfully implanted them in women.
“The mating habits of English women were at the forefront of Hash discussions today, as visitor Rebecca went down right in front of Paddyfag. Yes, tripping over the rocks in front of him and scraping her knee like a shameless hussy, bringing the disapproving, Victorian judgment of Paddyfag upon her.
Cunninglingus, our China correspondent, reported that a Chinese man was urinating in his coworker’s water for getting a promotion and/or pay raise that he did not. Ew. Stay classy, China.
“Local dark nightmare of eldritch energies Headmistress called in all British men, as one of their number was a very, very public sub in London, his mistress leading him around on all fours and holding his leash for all the world to see.
“In science today, physiologists discovered that too much running leads to health problems. Wankipedia, Simon, Leaky Dick, Woofter, MRE and Blue Vein were all horrified at this announcement.
“The Danes were called to account for their low birthrate, with concerned Danish citizens demanding an increase in Paris-based vacations to increase the reproduction rate of the country.
Pork Pie was discovered to have gone to a “public school,” a British institution that is closed to the public and only open to the wealthiest of candidates....for a given value of wealth. How this affects his election campaign is unknown.
“That's all the time we have this evening. I'm Wankipedia, and you're listening to KSGN 107.9 The Hash.