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Run 1309 - HM farewell run
Hares: Bukkake Kid,Head Mistress,Big Tool
Run 1310 ACC sponsored T-shirt run
Hares: Drill Me 2,Safe Sex
Run 1311 - City Run
Hares: Paddy Fag
Run 1312
Hares: Dumblewhore,Down Underwear

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Hash in VietNam

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We meet every Sunday at the Caravelle Hotel in District 1, HCMC. The bus leaves promptly at 2:00 pm on most days. It's best to arrive at around 1:30 with the bus returning usually around 7 to 8 pm. Bring extra clothes, a great sense of humor and a thirst for some beer wouldn't hurt. Do not forget to bring some money for the hash fees (VND250,000 for expats, VND150,000 for locals).
On On and we hope to see you on Sunday.

F3 Saigon Hash House Harriettes – Run No 20 – Friday 4th September – Buddha Bar – District 2

Run no 20, GM hand over / sponsor run on Friday 4 September!
Join us at the Buddha Bar & Grill, no 7 Thao Dien road, just across from where Zombie bar used to be.
Buddha Bar has offered to sponsor the First Fking Fridays Harriettes! This run will therefore be another T-shirt run. The shirt is also sponsored by: PM2, Runny Yolk and Head Mistress. Not only that: Our founder and Head Mattress is leaving us for another posting in dark Africa and will be handing over her job to Runny Yolk who can only hope to achieve what our HM has. That said: join for a mind boggling run / walk in streets around Thao Dien, which may lead you in places you never knew were there. Bring a torch: not for the darkness as there is none, but to find the trail marks ha ha. 
Time: 6.30 register for a 7 pm sharp start. Late comers: start spending your money at the Buddha Bar while waiting our return.
Price tag: 50.000vnd for drinks during circle. Buddha Bar will be providing finger foods and drinks at discounted or happy hour prices!!

Run 1309 – Sunday 6th September – HM’S See You Again Run

Next week’s run will be set on Thanh Da Island, Binh Thanh District and will be the farewell run for Head Mistress before she leaves for Ethiopia. Hares Head Mistress, Big Tool and Bukkake Kid will set fairly rural trails across the ponds, swamps and through the villages. 

There will be no bus so hashers will need to make their own way to the meeting point which is:

Tu Tri restaurant: 1121 Binh Quoi Street, Ward 28, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City

So you can either

- meet other hashers at Caravelle Hotel and share taxis at 2pm.

- Drive your own motorbike.

- Take bus 44 either from near Ben Thanh Bus Station or near Norfolk Mansion on Ly Tu Truong outside the juice shop. 

Run starts at 3.00pm.  Registration from 2.30pm.    Fees for Down Downs 50, 000 VND

Bring your own water and buy your own beer as you go. 

Free souvenir t-shirt.

Run 1300 The 25th Anniversary Run.

Date: 22/08/2015 Location: Dong Nai
Hares: Sexy Eyes,Paddy Fag,General Erection,Fuckoffee,Head Mistress,Phuc My 2

Thank you Sexy Eyes for writing the report during Sore Arse’s absence, because she was doing the “Ball Breaker” run.
Hares:Fukoffee, Phuc My 2, Paddy Fag, General Erection, Head Mistress & Sexy Eyes.
Ball Breaker Running Hares: Fukoffee & Phuc My 2
Running Hares: Paddy Fag & General Erection
Walking Hares: Head Mistress & Thai me up
Happy 25th Birthday to the Saigon Hash House Harriers!
On Saturday, Over 80 hashers attended this run, in fact not only did we need two buses, we needed stools to provide seats for everyone, whilst the buses filled.  Thank God no one had to dangle from the doors and windows or sit on the roof top.
For the walk, it was reported that the walkers at the back were slugs, not snails and should have stayed in Ho Chi Minh City, keeping the beer cold.  There were no markings so don’t BITCH about it.  Score: 4 ½
The run was reported to be fast walking at the end.  There were fish ponds and rubber plantations for the Malaysians, as they don’t normally use rubber.  Paddy Fag didn’t know what rubber was.  Score: -2
The “Ball Breaker” runners hadn’t returned.
Thai Me up ensure Tinky WInky, the Grand Master was dressed up in his pretty  ra ra skirt revisting his success in the Miss Saigon 2012 competition. This year the Red dress run is on 11th October 2015.
Head Mistress is leaving Vietnam for the Land of Africa.  The men are tall, fast and really really long!
Virgins, visitors and returnees.
There were no virgins today.
The Religious Advisors welcomed the visitors in the following order:
  1. Visitors from Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and The Philippines.
  2. Visitors from Malaysia.
  3. Visitors from the “Ball Breaker” run, because they had just arrived.
  4. Visitors from New Zealand, Australia and Japan.
  5. Returnees from Saigon.
  6. The Grand Masters/Mistresses.
  7. Former Grand Masters/Mistresses of the Saigon Hash House Harriers: Tickler, Runny Yolk, Head Mistress, Tonto, Master Crater and Jack Off.
  8. Master Crater, the sponsor of the HASH T-shirt.
Fukoffee and Phuc My 2 were iced as hares of the “Ball Breaker” run upon a late return – yet again the curfew was broken.  Head Mistress was also put on the ice for talking.
Tinky Winky, The Grand Master charged Head Mistress, A Tinky WInky look alike, as the Grand Master cannot be charged or iced, for asking for the Christian names of hashers registered for the 25th Anniversary event at the previous night’s party. We are not all white trash Pope worshipers on the Hash!
Katoy Boy charged Pole Polisher for being the one and only generous hasher to donate money to the Binh Duong Hash House Harriers.  How sweet.
Paddy Fag charged Tickler for being ugly and American then extended the charge onto ALL Americans. 
Bukake Kid was charged for his contact with the dogs on the trail. Proposed new name is Dog Meat. Rabies shot recommended BK!
Doggy Style was talking in the circle, so he was put on ice in place of Phuc My 2 to shut him up.
Doctors were to be charged, but as there were no doctors present, it was said that Doctors say the too much beer can give you the shits!  Really?
Fine Ass thanked the Thai Me Up for bringing such good food to the HASH last week and this run too.
Sexy Eyes and I choked Linda Lovelace were nailed to the ice for SEX on the HASH. 
Jack Off charged Paddy Fag for being in “The Sun” newspaper.  Paddy Fag’s wife went to the hair dresser’s to have her hair done and the Pakistani hair dresser made an innocent comment, which insulted her, but the hair dresser didn’t mean to insult.  This made Paddy Fag angry so Paddy Fag went to that hair dresser’s so give her a piece of his mind.  Don’t mess with Paddy Fag or his wife and family, including the ridiculously clas Fag Weasel who has taken to buying his own ridiculous underpants.
Juicy Chew and Brighton Cock were charged for hanging back at the altar on the walking trail and Juicy Chew was patting Brighton Cock’s back.  Say no more.
Katoy Thanked ALL Malaysian Hashers for coming to the Saigon Hash House Harriers.
Katoy Boy was charged by a visiting harriette, for being a gentleman and give up his seat for her, so she wouldn’t have to sit on a stool, in other words, Katoy Boy treat her with RESPECT.  First time for everything.
Katoy Boy charged an ex army officer lookalike, because he quit the HASH, as he found himself drinking too much beer.  No one forces anyone to drink, it their own personal choice!
Jack Off charged Paddy Fag for being a Short Cutting Bastard, and presented him with a card with Short Cut printed on it.
Phuc My 2 charged Juicy Chew and Brighton Cock for printing her name with the wrong spelling on the HASH T-shirts.
On On was at Bar Grill from 8pm onwards.
Sunday’s Hangover Run will be on an island in the Go Vap District.  The hares will be Shit House, Mini Crumpet and Fine Ass.
On On
Sexy Eyes & Sore Arse