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Run 1271: Xmas Countryside Run
Hares: Fukoffee,CL,Head Mistress,Inflight Service
Run 1272: Xmas Run
Hares: Jack Off,Stray Pussy
Runn 1273: New Years City Run
Hares: Pole Polisher,General Erection
Run 1274:
Hares: Stray Pussy

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We meet every Sunday at the Caravelle Hotel in District 1, HCMC. The bus leaves promptly at 2:00 pm on most days. It's best to arrive at around 1:30 with the bus returning usually around 7 to 8 pm. Bring extra clothes, a great sense of humor and a thirst for some beer wouldn't hurt. Do not forget to bring some money for the hash fees (VND220,000 for expats, VND150,000 for locals).
On On and we hope to see you on Sunday.

Run 1271 - The Saigon Hash Countryside Christmas Run - Sunday 21st December 2014

Location:  Phuoc Tan, Dong Nai off Vung Tau Road - 10 53 03.60 N    106. 55'25.11 E
Hares:  Fukoffee, Head Mistress, In Flight Service and CL
Dress Code:  Red, Green, White - Xmas colours plus Santa Hats
Saigon Hash's last run before Christmas will take place in the beautiful countryside of Phuoc Tan, Dong Nai and will be a good way to run off/walk off your hangover from the previous night's Christmas party.  To get into the festive spirit, wear Christmas colours of red, green, white and Santa hats if you have them.  There will be some Christmas snacks and a chance to sing Hash versions of Christmas carols/songs. 



Saturday 20th December at Spotted Cow upstairs, 111 Bui Vien is the date for Saigon Hash's Christmas party 2014 with free flow of beer, wine and soft drinks plus a buffet from 7.30 - 9.30. This event is free to all hashers who have done 10 or more runs this year since the surplus comes from those who have regularly supported the hash this year. Otherwise the event will cost 160, 000 VND. Guests are welcome too.

Long term Saigon hasher, General Erection will be sponsoring the drinks to celebrate his 20th anniversary in Vietnam so come along to help him drink to the occasion. 

PLEASE REGISTER HERE if you want to attend by Thursday 18th December at the latest - we need to give numbers to Spotted Cow so they can have enough food and drink ready.  If you register and then can’t make it please let somebody on the MMC know.

Nha Trang Hash celebrates its 100th Run combined with 2nd Anniversary - Saturday night 17th January and Sunday 18th January

Here is your chance to have yet another fun-filled weekend in Nha Trang By the Sea.

We have almost made it to our 2nd birthday and we would love to share our Hormonal reaction with you!!! Read more...

Run 1270

Date: 14/12/2014 Location:

Running hares: Tinky Winky and Brighton Cock
Walking hares: Thai Me Up and virgin hare Phuong (one of Tinky Winky's office angels)
It was back to the rural delights of Dong Nai again for run number 1270 held in fine and sunny conditions. Around 35 hashers enjoyed the scenery although had to embark on a decent hillclimb to appreciate the views.
The "never short of a word" Paddy Fag called it a virgin run although he used the term very loosely. Lots of zigs, lots of zags and a few hills all contributed him to marking the run a -9.5.
The walk report was given by No Taste (who in the present circumstances has to be renamed perhaps to Good Taste) who commented on the beautiful views but because of the barbed wire she encountered gave the walk a -10! Two very poor scores for what was a plesant outing.
Four virgins were introduced to the ways of the hash by headmistress, three from Saigon and one from Holland.
The one genuine returnee, Donglever, said the reason she had not attended recently was that she had been sleeping. The other two who made it into the circle, Runny Yolk and Safe Sex said they just wanted an extra drink!!!
The construction of the new metro in central Saigon was the cause of several charges. Dumblewhore led the way with a graphic illustration to demonstrate that the Japanese line was straight but the one led by Tinky Winky was like a figure eight so the metro maestro was charged with creating a wandering metro. He was then charged again by the GM for being culturally unaware and refusing to pay bribes to build the Metro. Paddy Fag was straight to the point again charging poor Tinky Winky, along with our sole Japanese hasher, Maiumi Vice, for totally stuffing up central Saigon.
Our token Korean, Canadian Maple Muff was charged over the performance of the daughter of the Korean Airlines owner in creating mayhem after being served macadamia nuts in a bag rather than on a plate.
As the GM is immune to charges, the equally bald Pole Polisher, was charged by Shithouse, over the mess that masquerades as the hash website. As  he was a completely innocent party  he was joined in the circle in solidarity  by the other less than hirsute hashers.
Headmistress then tried to circumnavigate the boycott on reporting charges against British men, by charging them all singly. But  you cannot fool the scribe and the ban remains for a while longer.
Paddy Fag brought the Dutch into the circle  charged with being unromantic and related the story of a Dutchman who wanted to propose by lowering himself down on a crane to the house of his intended beloved. Unfortunately there was a malfunction and the crane fell on the house.
The sleepy Overdrive then charged Headmistress for not allowing the bus to wait for 30 seconds for passengers a while back but waiting nine minutes on Sunday for Double Grinder and her son (who didn't even make it to the Caravelle but were standing around the corner) At this stage the ice had not  christened but Double Grinder and her Virgin son were given the honour of doing just that.
Another story from Paddy Fag with a charge against the Vietnamese women. Apparently 100 young Vietnamese women went off to China to marry Chinese farmers but one morning when the farmers awoke they found that all the women had disappeared. And that is why there were alot of Vietnamese women on the hash on Sunday!
The last charge was against the Australians laid by  Headmistress over a Koala bear that eats cats.
The naming ceremony was then held for virgin hare Phuong. Several names were bandied around the Brighton Cock came up with an inspired choice dictated by her job (Metro) and her stature. So she was christened in the usual manner with the name MetroGnome.
To the tune of Get a Life Paddy Fag was recognised for 350 runs, Dumblewhore for 100 runs and Pole Polisher for 50 runs.
Next Sunday's run will again be held in Dong Nai and the next Lesbian run will be on January 9th.
Don't forget the final Spam Cham for the year is on this Wednesday at Jaspers, Dong Khoi beginning at 6.30pm. Come along and help support the kids.
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